Shifting Perspectives, LLC.: Sowing S.E.E.D.S (Standing for Equity in Education by Defying Silence)

Education is a fundamental right for every student, regardless of their race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or any other factor that may create disparities in learning opportunities. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that not all students receive equal opportunities to learn and succeed. Academic and opportunity gaps persist in many schools, affecting the quality of education and ultimately impacting the ability of every student to see a promising future. Shifting Perspectives, LLC. was founded in 2019 as a company dedicated to helping schools and leaders Grow Another Perspective (G.A.P) to authentically embark upon paths that result in equitable outcomes in learning regardless of a student’s background, zip code, or identity.

Shifting Perspectives, LLC. offers a range of services to support district, school, and teacher leaders in their journey towards equity. 

These include:

1.     Leadership Professional development: Shifting Perspectives, LLC. provides customized professional development to help educators build capacity in areas such as creating a coherent vision for equity, creating spaces for productive discomfort, building a culture of efficacy, and leveraging data.

2.     Coaching and Mentoring: Shifting Perspectives, LLC. offers coaching and mentoring to district, school, and teacher leaders to support them in implementing equity-focused practices and driving systemic change.

3.     Equity Walks: Shifting Perspectives, LLC. helps district, school, and teacher leaders conduct equity walks to assess their schools' strengths and challenges when promoting equity through instruction and identifying areas for improvement.

4.      Keynote, Workshop, and Lecture Experiences: Shifting Perspectives, LLC. is available to facilitate and lead learning opportunities to inspire and instill within district, school, and teacher leaders the characteristics/qualities to be equity driven leaders.

In conclusion, the company's focus on empowering educators and promoting systemic change aligns with the urgent need to close the achievement gap and ensure that all students have access to a quality education. Shifting Perspectives, LLC. understands that silence breeds inequity. We seek to help district, school, and teacher leaders embrace the power of their voice to create a more equitable learning environment. Let us help you take meaningful steps towards equity and make a positive difference in the lives of each student whose future has been placed in your hands.

About Us

Dwayne Chism, Ed.D

Dwayne is a passionate leader in education who has dedicated his career to improving educational opportunities for diverse learners. He is the current Dean of the School of Education at Peru State College, where he leads efforts to train and prepare the next generation of teachers and education professionals.

Spending much of his childhood just outside of Omaha, Nebraska, Chism has always been enthusiastic about education. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Education from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and went on to earn his Master's and Doctorate degrees in Educational Administration from the same institution. Chism's commitment to education has been recognized by his alma mater, the University of Nebraska in Omaha, which awarded him the Distinguished Alumni Award for the 2013-2014 academic year. This prestigious honor recognizes outstanding alumni who have made significant contributions to their profession, community, and society.

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Including personalized keynotes, breakout sessions, book studies, and more.



Supporting educational leaders with ongoing individualized leadership development.


Helping large and small educational systems refine practices to enhance educator performance and student outcomes.



Engaging educators in professional learning centered around meeting the needs of each and every learner.


Training and counseling educational leaders to lead with coherence.

About Us
About Us

Leading Your Schools Toward Equity
by Dwayne Chism

“Dwayne Chism has answered the call for an equity book that speaks to the role of school leadership, replete with strategies for success. This needs to be in the hands of any school leader who’s serious about the infusion of equitable practices for EACH of the students in the building!”

-Baruti K. Kafele, bestselling author of The Equity and Social Justice Education 50 


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