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Inspiring courageous leadership and a mindset to authentically create paths that open doors for all learners.


Including personalized keynotes, breakout sessions, book studies, and more.



Supporting educational leaders with ongoing individualized leadership development.


Helping large and small educational systems refine practices to enhance educator performance and student outcomes.



Engaging educators in professional learning centered around meeting the needs of each and every learner.


Training and counseling educational leaders to lead with coherence.

Leading Your School Toward Equity

A four-step process for effective equity practices in schools, with an array of professional development activities, leadership tips, and downloadable tools.

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Sowing S.E.E.D.S (Standing for Equity in Education by Defying Silence)

“If we desire to truly bring equity, it requires discussing the things that matter. We must understand the moral imperative to lend our voice… our silence will only breed inequity.

-Dwayne Chism


Walking the Talk

Seeking to lead for equity requires boldness and a willingness to shake and shift school culture. Ultimately, success with this journey will come down to one thing—courageous leadership—and that requires going far beyond the motions of just "doing equity."

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Shifting the Perspective Nationwide

Shifting Perspectives, LLC. is committed to promoting equity and ensuring that the needs of all students are met. We believe every student deserves access to high-quality education, regardless of background or circumstances. With a nationwide reach, we are dedicated to working closely with school districts and leaders to solve challenges in meeting the needs of all learners. We are passionate about positively impacting students' lives and helping them reach their full potential.


Growing Another Perspective

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Teachers who are highly effective will have a positive impact on student learning that is greater than the impact of other factors, such as class size, school resources, and socioeconomic status.

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A teacher’s beliefs have impact on their teaching practices, student learning outcomes, and classroom climate.

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When leaders are unable to build a culture centered around coherence equity efforts fall short.

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Equity vision statements that are not thoroughly understood or coupled with inaction are meaningless.

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Building a Diverse Teacher Pipeline Starts with Students

Building a Diverse Teacher Pipeline Starts with Students

When students of color feel supported and represented in schools, they’re more likely to consider becoming teachers themselves.

Creating Coherency in School Equity Initiatives

Creating Coherency in School Equity Initiatives

Dwayne Chism, author and dean of the school of education at Peru State University, discusses how school leaders can build coherence and shared vision around equity goals—and why equity initiatives often become fragmented and fall short.

Excavating the Artifacts of Student Learning

Excavating the Artifacts of Student Learning

In examining the effectiveness of a lesson, educators and coaches need to go beyond the "Eye Test."

Paving a Coherent Path to Equity

Paving a Coherent Path to Equity

Many equity efforts fail because adults don't share a vision of what disrupting inequities requires. School leaders can fix that.


As a black male student, educator, and leader this book spoke to me on a personal, emotional, and professional level.  School leaders have been discussing Equity and trying to crack its illusive code for some time now.  Unfortunately, in too many instances the conversation becomes stale, frustrating, and unproductive.  Dr. Chism provides refreshing insight on the subject and demystifies it for school leaders.  His examples are illuminating. His assessments are accurate.  And most importantly, his solutions are practical. Chism has managed to eloquently mix together theory, experience, and not so common "common sense" into a recipe for success.  This is a framework that can give today's educational leader confidence when addressing this complex issue.

- Dr. Jayson Strickland - Superintendent of Hogan Prep Academy

Dwayne Chism has answered the call for an equity book that speaks to the role of school leadership, replete with strategies for success. This needs to be in the hands of any school leader who’s serious about the infusion of equitable practices for EACH of the students in the building!

- Baruti K. Kafele - Bestselling author of The Equity and Social Justice Education 50

Dr. Dwayne Chism presented equity-based leadership and teaching practices during teacher’s institute at my site. His knowledge, passion, and conviction could be felt throughout the entirety of his presentation. Never have I heard or taken part in any professional learning around equity that drew all people regardless of race, gender, orientation, etc. into a unified commitment to bring forth action. The learning was practical, and we left knowing that no matter what issues or concerns present, “the answer is in the room.

- Javon Childs, Sr. - Principal Computech Middle School - Fresno, CA

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